Press Release: Launching information technology resources for suicide prevention in Moldova

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Suicide prevention concerns each one of us!                           

Launching information technology resources for suicide prevention in Moldova

Chișinău, December 20, 2016 – Altruism, a nonprofit organization, is launching tools designed to help prevent suicides in Moldova: the mobile app HelpApp, and a virtual resource center at The web page contains resources for eleven types of professionals involved in preventing and combatting suicide. These instruments are created with the support of the US Embassy in Moldova.

HelpApp is the first application in Moldova which provides a social service on mobile devices. This service gives users access to emotional support and encouragement. People going through various life crises, whatever the nature of the crisis, can get help through an anonymous and confidential chat. Assistance is provided in Romanian and Russian languages by volunteer counselors accredited by the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

HelpApp can be useful to any citizen, especially adolescents and young people in the following situations:

  • When making complex personal decisions,

  • When confronted with unbearable emotional pain,

  • In stressful situations,

  • When suffering emotional stress caused by isolation and loneliness,

  • In the fight against suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, or in the midst of emotional trauma from the loss of a loved one due to suicide,

  • To develop one’s capacity to endure stress,

  • To improve communication skills, self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image, and to overcome shyness, etc.,

  • In times of bereavement and loss of close relationships,

  • In situations that could endanger one’s physical and emotional safetly,

  • In any other problems that increase emotional stress.

Specialists who work to target the problems mentioned are invited to recommend the mobile app HelpApp to their beneficiaries

Likewise, specialists who confront the realities of suicide in the course of their activities can go to the Virtual Resource Center at which offers articles, video lessons, analyses, research presentations, and other resources for suicide prevention.

According to the World Health Organization, suicide is a public health issue that can be prevented. We appeal to the national authorities and the international development agencies to ambitiously engage in preventing and combatting this tragic phenomenon by supporting our launch of a toll-free hotline, accessible to any caller regardless of age. Investors, supporters of social site startups, and mobile providers are invited to support the promotion, development, and expansion of the service offered by the startup HelpApp.

The promo in Romanian can be accessed here